Video Interview of Ted Strauss – May 26, 2009


If you decide to have private sessions with me, we will have a private phone or video Skype session once a month. During that time, if you choose, we can spend a few minutes gazing. Gazing is a powerful and direct transmission of Whole Being Awakening. For some, gazing with a photo or a video can have powerful effects. In the hope that it helps you, here’s a one minute video of me gazing.

Sessions with Zach

Zach is a college student who, with my help in these sessions, rapidly came to his second birth awakening. Here are two clips from early sessions, plus a montage from sessions 16 and 17 showing Zach trying to describe what has shifted for him.

Sessions with Johnathan

Johnathan is a brilliant psychotherapist who was burdened by feeling lost. His assumption that something is wrong with him has led him on a long path of seeking.

Sessions with Joyce

Joyce is a yoga teacher who seems to have recently entered the Rot, a period of decay out of the capacity to resist discomfort. As you’ll see here, when the Rot has matured, surrender into the paradox of light and dark can be swift.

Much More To Be Had

Subscribing to ChannelTed will give you access to at least 24 sessions with Johnathan, 18 with Zach, and 8 with Joyce; over 50 hours of private sessions that will directly help you in your own awakening process.