Private Sessions With Ted Strauss

Treat yourself to one or more private sessions with me via phone or Skype. I’ve spent most of my life studying, practicing, and teaching various approaches to awakening. I have a gift for helping ordinary people fall into extraordinary awakenings very directly. I may be the world’s foremost expert on helping people awaken into and beyond what we call the second birth. If you’ve been searching for yourself, for God, for freedom, or for awakening, I can help. If you feel you may have experienced an awakening shift and want some clarity about it, I can help. If you simply want help feeling at home in your own life, I can help.

I’m an “awakening consultant,” an expert at empowering you to find trust and confidence in Being, realize your whole Being self, claim your own authority, and live your life fully. If you feel drawn to work with me, I will listen to you deeply and help you understand what has previously been unclear. I will help you feel what has been difficult to feel, and I will help you directly realize your unity with all things. I can help you find a completely new way to be in relationship with others and the world that brings depth, fullness, and intimacy.

I should also mention that I’m very approachable, loving and supportive. If you feel hesitant to contact me or wonder how formal you should be in your approach, please know that I’m a very informal guy, and I invite you to approach me as an ordinary man who might be an important ally in your awakening process.

If you’ve read some of my writings or watched some of my videos and would like to explore working with me, the best thing to do is simply email me and we’ll start a communication.

I offer consultations in person (I live in Marin County, CA) , by phone, and by Skype. The conversations are driven by your own need for awakening and by the particular needs of your Being in that moment. Our time usually includes gazing with each other through photographs or via Skype. Many of those I have helped have come to important awakening shifts primarily through such phone or Skype conversations.

I charge on a sliding scale between $80 and $100 per hour. You’re also welcome to do a private retreat with me. Private retreats are usually very powerful events. Please email me if you’d like to know more. (About Emailing me).

I look forward to helping you awaken deeply and live your unique purpose.