What is Awakening?

What awakening might look likeI define awakening as the lifelong process of realizing your total Self and living your unique truth in the world. Awakening is not a sudden event; it’s a lifelong process of maturing into your own full expression as a divinely human creature. Sudden shifts can and often do occur within that larger context, but it’s important that they not be confused with idealistic notions of ultimate or final enlightenment. There is no “final” enlightenment because the awakening process has no end. But there are significant, life-changing stages you can awaken to along the way, such as awakening to Self as universal consciousness, awakening to Self as the Onlyness of all things, and awakening to Other as an aspect of Self.

Awakening is more than a subjective illumination of your personal self. Because you are part of Being, and Being is everything, then who you are is also everything. So, who you are as a human form of Being includes all that you are as an individual, all that is universal, and all your relationships with others and life. You are not merely infinite consciousness, nor are you simply your human organism. You are an inseparable aspect of the singular Beingness, being everything in the form of your own unique self.

For a clear understanding of what it means to full evolve your total self, please visit iConscious.global. There, my business partner Dr. Carole Griggs and I have posted a detailed chart that shows the five major domains of life we all experience as we grow (Consciousness, Design, Heart, Mind, and Body) and the 15+ stages of development we go through. The purpose of the iConscious model is to clearly show what it means to integrate all parts of our Being. We are using this model as the basis for curriculum in several universities, including JFK University and National University.

Awakening into and beyond unity consciousness requires skilled, sensitive, and loving help. My decades of experience translates into an ability to help you awaken very directly. Wherever you are in your awakening process, subscribing to ChannelTed will give you the resources you need to rapidly awaken and bring your gifts and your love into the world.