The Cosmic Core Wound

I have recently become aware that there are, at least in my view of it, three most primary levels of the core wound:

  1. The individual core wound (the core wound known by embodied humans),
  2. The relational core wound (as known to relationship entities of two or more), and
  3. The cosmic core wound (the core wound known by the totality of Being, the Divine Person).

I will call the individual core wound the wound of embodiment. I will call the relational core wound the wound of relationship. And I will call the cosmic core wound the Wound of God.

What I am calling “the wound of embodiment” is the same as what Saniel means simply by “the core wound.” This is the sense of fundamental confusion in identity and separation in relationship to everything that embodied (at least human) beings feel prior to the realization we call the second birth. What I mean by “the wound of God” is what God/Being Itself feels prior to what Saniel has been calling “the next whatever.”

I propose that Being Itself feels separated (shattered) and confused in Its total identity. I further propose that the initial source of that shock was the event of manifestation at the birth of the current universe. I suggest that The Wound of God is natural, and inherent in the configuration of Being.

To give you some background for understanding my proposal, I would like to talk briefly about cycles of Being on a very grand scale. According to Hindu scripture, Being moves eternally through great cycles of creation and dissolution called kalpas, manvantaras, and yugas. I had a nice conversation with Barbara at Open Secret Bookstore who gave me some starting information, then I did some web research (see below) on the subject. Here is a paragraph I found on the web (

According to the Puranas, the Kali Yuga covers a span of 432,000 human years. The four yugas together cover 4,320,000 years and this is one cycle. Seventy-one such cycles form one manvantara, and age of man. This works out to 306,720,000 years. Six such manvantaras have so far elapsed from the beginning of this epoch (kalpa) and the seventh manvantara, that of the Vaivasvata, has begun, and seven more such manvantaras have yet to come. These fourteen manvantaras constitute one day of Brahman-the Creator Brahma’s life of 100 years. Fifty such years have elapsed. We are now in the first day of the fifty-first year. In figures, that means 306,720,000 (one manvantara) x 14 manvantaras (this is the day of Brahman) x 14 (his night) x 365 (days of the year) x 100 (years). This is the life of the Brahman.

Doing the math, it looks to me like that totals 2,194,274,880,000,000 human years. On another website (, I found the suggestion of 311,040,000,000,000 years for what might be the same period. In another view of all this, modern astronomers estimate the universe has been around for at least 20 billion years, and possibly forever. In any case, my point is that the universe goes on for a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long time.

In the ancient Eastern view, the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the universe is followed by an equally long period of non-manifestation. In the modern scientific view, I have never heard of any speculation about a period of non-manifestation (please correct me if you know otherwise). But I myself have had very clear and powerful cognitions of this period of eternal emptiness. It is the ultimate, perfect, and seemingly eternal peace.

Nirvikalpa SamadhiFrom my own experience I can say that just as the universe exists for a really long time, so does the period of perfect silence, post dissolution. It is vaguely analogous to an endless immersion in nirvikalpa samadhi (formless ecstasy). However, at the end of this wonderfully relaxing, apparently eternal relief from the nerve-wracking affairs of the previous numerous billions of years, there is a rude awakening. Suddenly, the singularity is shattered. What was One is now Many. What was singular and blissful is now infinitely multiple and blazingly uncomfortable on a cosmic scale. Just as your individual birth was a shock to you, the birth of the Universe was, to Being Itself, a complete shock of unimaginable proportions.

I invite you to contemplate this for a moment. Have you ever found yourself in a blissful reverie, either in meditation, sleep, or on a massage table, only to find quite suddenly that the good times were over? Now multiply that sensation times infinity. Or, consider your own birth, a tiny event on the cosmic scale. Was your birth a shock to you? If, through whatever form of work, you have ever re-experienced the intensity of the shock of your own birth (which, I might add, most people never appear to fully encounter and integrate in this life), then perhaps you might imagine at least vaguely what Universal Being Itself went through upon the rude awakening of the Big Bang. I suggest that God has been in a fundamental state of shock ever since, and is now just beginning to significantly recognize that shock through us.

I get that it is rather heretical to propose that God or Being Itself could possibly be in a state of shock. That sounds like a human sort of response. After all, isn’t God supposed to be perfect? I have spoken this realization recently to some friends, and I’ve receive widely diverging reactions. It seems that most spiritual people are so steeped in the notion that Being or God is perfect in a manner that somehow suits our personal ideals of perfection. Folks with that sort of perspective tend to violently reject the proposition that Being Itself could be existing in anything like a state of shock. In others, this information has produced a radical shift in perspective.

I also get that it’s “way out there” to propose that God is just now, in the year 2000, beginning to come to grips with His/Her own shock in the form of us humans. Why now? Even if such a proposition was even vaguely true, what are the chances that such an event would be occurring at this very moment in human history? Isn’t that just a tad self-important? Egocentric? Delusional? Mad? Well, perhaps. But go back to that paragraph I quoted above and zoom in on the following three sentences:

…These fourteen manvantaras constitute one day of Brahman-the Creator Brahma’s life of 100 years. Fifty such years have elapsed. We are now in the first day of the fifty-first year….

What!? The FIRST DAY of the FIFTY-FIRST of 100 cosmic years!?!? If true, that means this particular moment in human history is at exactly the midway point in the current great cycle of creation! What are the chances of THAT? Whether or not this is true, and I would have no way of verifying such a thing, I have no problem with the notion that an event of such primordial significant on the cosmic scale is occurring right NOW.

It may be quite a foreign concept, but for the sake of further discussion, let’s say we accept that God is existing in something like a state of shock, and is just now “waking down” into that realization. So what? Well, here are a few consequences:

  1. Life is insanely amazing, to say the least.
  2. God or Being is not perfect in the way we thought or hoped.
  3. A big chunk of what we are awakening as and into is pain on a universal scale.
  4. The healing that is called for is both in our human selves and in our Divine Self.
  5. There will be a future moment in time when the Cosmic Core Wound is fundamentally healed.

Meanwhile, I suggest that this revelation can help us truly let go of our shame about being imperfect. If God is imperfect, if God exists in a wound of shattering and confusion, then so can we. If God has not fully integrated the paradox of unity and diversity, then of course we are living the same dilemma. We ARE God. The universe is ONE THING. You can relax into the whole truth of it and stop judging yourself and others about the fact that we are all living in a strange blend of happiness and pain.

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